Enteric Neuroscience & Gastrointestinal Research

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Enteric Neuroscience & Gastrointestinal Research

About the Laboratory

Established in 2012, the Enteric Neuroscience & Gastrointestinal Research Group focuses on clinical, epidemiological and translational research into diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The group is a collaboration of expert gastrointestinal surgeons and physicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and gastrointestinal scientists, physiologists and neuroscientists.

The mission of the group is to advance our understanding of gastrointestinal diseases and to apply such knowledge to improve the care of patients. The main research themes are:

   1. Population-based research to investigate the epidemiological basis of gastrointestinal diseases;
   2. Clinical research to strive for new knowledge relating to gastrointestinal function in health and disease to allow the development of novel medical and surgical therapies;
   3. Translational enteric neuroscience research to determine the molecular, electrophysiological and neuropathophysiological basis of gastrointestinal conditions; and
   4. Health outcomes research to objectively measure the impact of interventions in patients with gastrointestinal disease.

Research Program