About the Research

Andrology is literally the study of man (Greek andros, man). The medical and scientific discipline is defined as the study of male reproductive health, medicine and biology. Male Reproductive Health involves the overlapping domains of Fertility, Sexuality and Androgenisation which overlap with male general health especially with regard to androgen effects.

The Andrology group focuses on both the biological and clinical effects of androgens on male health, in particular men’s reproductive and general health across all ages. Androgens (male hormones), the main one being testosterone, occur naturally in the body and play far-reaching roles in many body systems, particularly in male reproduction, fertility and sexuality. They exert important influence on most non-reproductive tissues especially the prostate, cardiovascular system, bone and the brain, throughout the entire male lifespan and may also influence women’s health.


The Andrology group is a collaboration of the:

   Andrology Laboratory at the ANZAC Research Institute, where the focus is on the physiology and pharmacology of androgens in males and females, by undertaking research using experimental animal models and laboratory bench research.
   Andrology Department of Concord Hospital, where patient and community centred research is carried out and translated into improvements in patient care. The focus is on the therapeutic use of androgens such as to treat hormone deficiency states in adolescence and adulthood, in certain chronic diseases, for male contraception and for ageing men. In addition we also study the relatively widespread misuse/overuse and abuse of androgens for many wishful or harmful non-medical reasons as well as in sports doping.

Research Program