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The ANZAC Research Institute provides outstanding opportunities for research scholars to advance their careers in a quality physical and research environment.

Details on currently available scholarships:

PhD Scholarship ANZAC Research Institute

A PhD scholarship (AU$26,682 per annum for 3 years) is available for an Honours or Masters student in biomedical neurosciences to work under the supervision of Associate Professor Marina Kennerson in the Northcott Neuroscience Laboratory, ANZAC Research Institute. The successful student will contribute to an exciting project to develop drug screening assays for one of the most common inherited neurological diseases.

The Project

Correcting Gene dysregulation in X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMTX) neuropathy

Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) neuropathy is a lifelong debilitating degenerative disease of the motor and sensory nerves for which there is no treatment. X-linked CMT is caused by mutations in the promoter or coding region of the connexin32 gene otherwise known as GJB1. We have proven that a particular point mutation in the promoter of GJB1 causes X-linked CMT in a number of large families. Others have shown this is due to loss of function or production of the gene which codes for a Schwann cell pore protein.

The aim of this project is to determine if a unique promoter mutation in X-linked CMT can be adjusted to produce the gene product thus curing this form of X-linked CMT.

With this promoter mutation the GJB1 gene is presumably not turned on. In this project, the action of the promoter will be examined in a cellular model with the point mutation. Firstly we will use affected skin fibroblasts and secondly using IPS cells derived from these fibroblasts. A reported assay will be developed for screening drugs, which may regulate the defective promoter or may act indirectly via changes to potential repressor or enhancer elements. This will be the essential first step towards drug therapy in X-linked CMT. The results will have relevance to other forms of CMT with mutations that disturb gene regulation.

Supervisors: Associate Professor Marina Kennerson; Professor Garth Nicholson

This scholarship is attached to Associate Professor Kennerson’s and Professor Nicholson’s project. The scholarship will be void if the applicant changes supervisor and/or project.

Candidate Requirements:
Applicants will be considered if they fulfil the criteria of a PhD admission at the University of Sydney and have proven research capabilities. The successful applicant will have:

  • a Bachelors degree with first class honours or equivalent and/or a Masters degree by thesis in a neurodegenerative disease and neurosciences
  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • research experience relevant to the research topic
  • ability to work both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary group in a collaborative manner
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

How to Apply: Australian citizens or permanent residents with a biomedical science or science degree and interest in neurodegenerative disease and the development of treatment therapies are strongly encouraged to apply. The application should include:
  • a cover letter including a brief statement of the applicant’s suitability and interest for the project
  • a curriculum vitae, including a list of any published work
  • a full academic transcript of undergraduate degree and/or postgraduate degree
To apply for this position please email your curriculum vitae and supporting documentation to:

CLOSING DATE: April 28 2017

ANZAC Research Institute Postgraduate Scholarships

The ANZAC Research Institute offers full-time postgraduate scholarship tenable for research work at the Institute.

The scholarship requires that the holder is enrolled in a full-time PhD research degree at the University of Sydney or another University. Applicants should have an Honours 1 or 2A degree or equivalent and strong English communication skills are essential. The research must be conducted primarily at ANZAC Research Institute, based on the Concord Hospital campus. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia or citizens of New Zealand.

In the first instance please discuss your proposed application with any of the group leaders as advertised on our website. Applications may then be lodged at any time with the agreement of the proposed research supervisor. Applications should include curriculum vitae, a copy of academic transcripts, evidence of enrolment in a postgraduate degree, evidence of citizenship and the names and contact details of at least two referees.

The scholarship stipend will be determined by the research supervisor within the current range of NHMRC Medical and Dental or Biomedical Scholarship. The stipend may be renewed for up to three years subject to satisfactory performance.

Further information or to lodge an application please contact:
Yuthika Rao, Human Resources Manager, ANZAC Research Institute, Hospital Rd Concord, NSW 2139
Phone: 02 9767 9150. Fax: 02 97679101. E-mail:

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