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The ANZAC Research Institute now provides a research home to over 150 scientists or staff and 11 research groups, all working closely with affiliated departments of the Concord Reparation General Hospital.

The Institute opened in 2000 and by 2003 had established 4 major research groups: Andrology, Biogerontology, Bone Biology and Neurobiology. Subsequently, 7 additional research areas have been established.

Attracting top scientists and students to undertake medical research training is a key element of our mission and goals. We aim to co-ordinate the highest quality innovative research at all levels from public and population health, to clinical research, molecular physiology (animal models) as well as cell and molecular biology.

To do this, different levels of opportunities exist within the institute structure, these being:

Career opportunites for full-time and part-time staff
Post-graduate opportunities
The Summer Scholarship scheme