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ANZAC Research Institute

Vascular Biology Laboratory

Group Leader
Professor Ben Freedman

Ben Freedman is Professor of Cardiology and Pro-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Sydney University. He was previously Head of Department of Cardiology at Sydney’s Concord Hospital and is now Head of the Vascular Biology Group in the Anzac Research Institute. Professor Freedman’s research interests include mechanisms of inflammatory mediation of thrombosis, inflammatory mediation of vascular disease, myocardial ischaemia and acute coronary syndromes, electrocardiographic manifestations of ischaemia, and strategies for secondary prevention of coranary heart disease. While on sabbatical at Tufts University Medical School in Boston between 2000 and 2001, he developed an interest in gene therapy for angiogenesis. He is the author of over 100 papers, articles and book chapters, is on the editorial board of a number of Cardiology journals including the American College of Cardiology continuing education program (ACCEL) and was Scientific Chairman of the World Congress of Cardiology in 2002.

Laboratory Personnel
Group Head
Professor Ben Freedman

Senior Scientists
Prof Len Kritharides

Prof David Brieger
A/Prof Harry Lowe
Dr Jennifer Curnow

Postdoctoral Scientists
Dr Gabrielle Pennings
Dr Caroline Reddel

Staff and Students
Dr Julie Redfern, Dr Raymond Sy, Dr Gabrielle Pennings, Dr Wei Zhao, Dr Caroline Reddel, Dr Vincent Chow, Dr Andy Yong, Dr James Edelman, Dr Clement Wong, Dr Tommy Chung, Dr Austin Ng, Dr Mohammed Aziz Moharram, , Anu Shanu, Lis Neubeck, Vicky Benson, Alana Mohamed, Rhoda Ascanio, Anna Jackson, Vincy Li, Roshanak Aran, Marzy Nikanami, Rajesh Gounder, Corine De Graaf, Stefanie Reuslaars, Justine Siegwald, Bernadette Aliprandi-Costa, Aileen Siney, and Nicole Lowres.

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