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Bequest Information Pamphlet

A pamphlet with information about bequests for the ANZAC Research Institute is available:

ANZAC Bequest Pamphlet PDF >>

Estate Planning

More and more supporters of ANZAC Health & Medical Research Foundation are ensuring that our vital research continues by including a bequest in their Will. This can also be done by codicil to an existing Will. There are usually four types of bequests to consider:

 A Specific Bequest - this specifies the type of gift clearly, whether it be a gift of money, shares, property or life assurance policy.

 A Percentage Bequest - This is the most flexible method of giving; the gift is automatically determined by the size of the estate and takes inflation into account.

 A Residual Bequest - this is the amount that remains after the provisions for family and relatives have been made.

 Your Whole Estate - this usually occurs when there are no living relatives and the Benefactor wishes to achieve something significant with their Estate.

The suggested wording for a bequest to ANZAC Health and Medical Research Foundation is:

"I GIVE to ANZAC Health & Medical Research Foundation, ABN 48 066 780 005, (the whole), or (a specific sum or piece of property), or (a percentage), or (the residue) of my Estate free of all duties and a receipt from the Treasurer or other authorised person shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor."

A bequest to ANZAC Health & Medical Research Foundation is a way of helping future generations to enjoy longer and more fulfilling lives.

Discuss Giving Opportunities

If you would you like to discuss Bequests with a representative from the ANZAC Health & Medical Research Foundation, you can contact: