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The ANZAC Centenary - Remembering 100 Years of Service
24/4/2015 - Concord, NSW
The word ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers who fought together became known as Anzacs, exemplifying a tradition of service, selflessness and mateship. The ANZAC Centenary marks one hundred years since Australia’s involvement in the First World War, and one hundred years of this noble service. The health and medical ANZAC Research Institute was named after and in remembrance of this tradition. This ANZAC Day we commemorate and learn from the sacrifice of so many Anzacs who gave so much. Read More >>

CRGH Early Career Research Prize Awarded to Konstantin Horas
1/10/2014 - Concord, NSW
Dr Konstantin Horas from the ANZAC Research Institutes's Bone Biology group presented with three other finalists and was awarded the Concord Repatriation General Hospital (CRGH) Early Career Research Prize for 2014. Read More >>

The ANZAC Research Institute is holding a "New Developments in Metabolic Phenotyping" mini symposium
12/9/2014 - Concord, NSW
The ANZAC Research Institute is holding a mini symposium in conjunction with Sable Systems International, entitled "New Developments in Metabolic Phenotyping" on 14 & 15 October Read More >>

Concord Clinical Week Holds its Annual 3 Minute Thesis Competition
27/8/2014 - Concord, NSW
12 bright, young PhD candidates presented their work at Concord Clinical Week 2014 in the Concord 3 Minute Thesis Competition, with Dr Naseem Mirbagheri taking out the top prize. Read More >>